1. Contra syncretism.
  2. Just the sort of thing to implement during a major recession. Putting it succinctly as felony stupidity.
  3. What passes for argument from the left. Left leaning elitist propaganda here too.
  4. Pie … now!!!
  5. Of church and state in Morocco.
  6. A strange argument indeed, in which political fitness is measured by pork, which I would think is a bad thing, not a good one.
  7. Waste, done Democrat flavor.
  8. Just a few kids and not a lot of money can produce remarkable results.
  9. Yet another day, yet another boldfaced lie from the Administration.
  10. A genuine adult film.
  11. Future polymath projects.
  12. Watching the DOJ.
  13. Will there be any notice of this on the left?
  14. Missile defense, is this more of Obama’s foreign policy strategy of coddling your enemies and rejecting your friends?
  15. Taxonomy of NGO.
  16. Now, I thought in my essays that sometimes I connect disparate ideas … but Nazi movies and the thoughts of dead fish … that’s noetic movement indeed.

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