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  1. Well I saved this because I wanted to read it. I still do. Now you can look too … but since I haven’t read it … I actually don’t know whether it’s hokum or not, but it’s about the 2nd Amendment.
  2. More on Xenophon.
  3. Conservatism as cult
  4. And … a similar vein here but for the other side.
  5. Divorce and health.
  6. Of guns and defense.
  7. Equal vs precious … an important observation
  8. I’m sorry, but yes you certainly can.
  9. And one reason is, the center of the text (doesn’t have anything to do with creationism vs evolution).
  10. Riiiiight.
  11. And here I thought is was just ontology (and some theology) recapitulated and reinforcced by praxis all along.
  12. Getting the gospel wrong.
  13. Zaaap.
  14. So, ‘splain why there are clauses on gender in a climate treaty?
  15. Spot on protest.
  16. NYTimes has no clue about job creation.

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