1. A passing noted … and here’s a vivid demonstration of how memory is kept.
  2. A conversation (on complexity) continues.
  3. A discussion of race and the GOP. I might take issue with the characterization of the GOP as “the party” that uses the race card for political ends. I’d wager that if you took a sampling you’d find the Democrats do that far more often.
  4. A first, a student protest in the Balkans noted.
  5. One tough dude … and just a little whitewash in the UK press.
  6. Projection of modern conceits noted.
  7. An earthquake. Big.
  8. A battle remembered.
  9. How to get lots of blog traffic. I think I’m reconciled to my status as a micro-blogger. 😀
  10. Confirmation bias and the media.
  11. Popular history … gets it exactly backwards once again.
  12. Unhappy with Obama support of a UN resolution and why.

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