1. Raising kids.
  2. On a relationship with God.
  3. Modern slavery in the Maldives.
  4. On the Healthcare bill.
  5. Guns and the right to life.
  6. For those not reading Greek.
  7. Inconsistencies in the White House healthcare notions.
  8. Difficulties in reading the bills.
  9. Afghanistan over the last 8 years. The administrations narrative that of 8 years of neglect … not true. Surprised?
  10. Moses as an American hero.
  11. Road trains.
  12. 50k soldiers buried.
  13. Contra euthanasia.
  14. Quietly giggling on a shelf.
  15. That brave new world.
  16. Economics, back to square one or not?

The link at #5 was wrong, it is fixed now.

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