And it ain’t a happy day for the CRU.  True, this is a cybercrime, and the perpetrator(s) should be brought to justice.  But equally as big is the contents of the >1000 e-mails and >3800 documents. 

The Hadley Climate Research Unit has confirmed the hack, so this is not a hoax, and global-warming-skeptic sites like "Watts Up With That" and Andrew Bolt of Australia’s Herald-Sun newspaper are sifting through the data, finding some rather compromising evidence.  Some include details on how temperature data was manipulated, to frustration that the climate models didn’t predict the current global temp decline, to attempts to obfuscate data released via a Freedom of Information request.  Bolt has been updating his post frequently and has a dozen examples so far.

As the Wall St. Journal says, "Well, this should get interesting."

True, this could all be a major hoax, but with Hadley confirming the breach, and with 61 megabytes of data having been dumped (i.e. a vast amount), this is sounding very real.  Stay tuned.

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