1. Cycling and specialization.
  2. Some old Hebrew text.
  3. Bad ideas, I’d argue however that dignity not rights are the location of the flaw.
  4. Ahead of the curve?
  5. Standing against the nanny state.
  6. Congress and healthcare and the question of Constitutionality. Of course it’s not Constitutional … but do you think they care?
  7. When cyclists run.
  8. Blogging and the truth to power theme.
  9. Climate, and a measurement making the rounds (another here). Say this is right, and the next 30 years are part of a global cooling trend … why or why not does that not affect AGW/GW’s plausibility?
  10. It remains hard for politicians (and bloggers apparently) to admit that entitlements are the problem.
  11. A question, if you don’t believe race is a proper characterization of man … are you and can you be a racist? (Assuming that your beliefs translate properly to normative practice)

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