1. The economics of snow removal
  2. The Empress Theodora … or more properly St. Theodora the Empress.
  3. The personal and political … and for which the left wants more and more of it seems, e.g., healthcare and government.
  4. Iran and conflict.
  5. State taxes and movement.
  6. The threats of which our administration was mindful.
  7. Mr Chavez.
  8. A problem suggested with populism … that it cannot lead to limited government.
  9. Academic linkage as racism.
  10. Pay scales and government.
  11. Disencentivising incentives.
  12. To think he was in the running.
  13. CO2 and climate … and one of the problems with the AGW proponents who will say “weather isn’t climate” when they don’t say it.
  14. Yet another progressive unhappy with the President.

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