1. The bullet may still be ducked.
  2. One comparison.
  3. Is this a failure of hope/change or just a transparency transgression?
  4. Where are the public sinners?
  5. Dirt girls.
  6. So … is this news to Mr Krugman … or was he being dishonest?
  7. I’ve never understood the attraction of this sort of story.
  8. Dishonest (or at least bad) sociology noted.
  9. Lookin’ good or not?
  10. Now, I didn’t watch the video, but I’ve never liked that sort of question … I find them unanswerable, much to the frustration of my daughter(s) who can’t figure out why I can’t answer a simple question like, “What’s your favorite color.” This question seems in the same category.
  11. Epistemologically privileged information on Haiti and aid.
  12. “Scientism” recast.
  13. Blessing of the water.

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