Good morning.

  1. The recession.
  2. All that healthcare … will not help much it seems.
  3. Mr Obama’s crystal ball.
  4. And this is not unrelated.
  5. As Mr Obama and industrial backers make post legislation push to fix the opinion on his healthcare legislation … one wonders whether how the cognitive dissonance between that motion and his statements regarding corporate speech is resolved seeing as it seems that this sort of law doesn’t apply to messages with which he approves. 
  6. Considering marriage.
  7. A parable and one of the cultural chasms. 
  8. A (likely) much discussed study for today.
  9. On Ms Thomas, here and here.
  10. Wal-Mart and the unions.
  11. Hypocrisy in high office, not just a common practice for our Congress critters and the likes of Mr Obama.

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