Good morning.

  1. On the escrow account and the Gulf.
  2. Holocaust and fiction.
  3. Not in the news so much.
  4. On prayer and silence.
  5. Ms Kagan, here and here. Barak from wiki? Anybody else have much on that guy?
  6. A remark on McChrystal. For myself, I think the press shot itself (yet again) in the foot on this one. Soldiers from time out of time have always gripped about their bosses. Apparently the inflammatory remarks in the RS article came from a period of downtime in a airport bar after a long flight (alcohol was “involved”). I think the main effect will be that the military will have yet another reason to distrust the press, justifiably this time. That being said, given Mr Yon’s report McChrystal (and likely many of those scewered by McChrystal) should be removed and replaced by more effective people.
  7. A driving feat. I drove 730 miles @ 79.6 mpg in my car. And I drove the speed limit (unlike I think did Mr Gerdes).
  8. Some inconvenient questions.
  9. Maths and the World Cup.
  10. How about tennis?
  11. Obamacare and its effects.

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