Good morning.

  1. Mr Obama, horse trader.
  2. The pinup goes East.
  3. Gun control.
  4. That he defended al-Qaeda does not mean he is unprincipled, recall John Adams and the Boston massacre case. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that like John Adams, he is. 
  5. Goverment control over … yet something else it doesn’t need to touch.
  6. Of heart and sin.
  7. Meta-linking.
  8. Props to MacDonald, a gun bleg.
  9. Another take on the McChrystal kerfuffle.
  10. A bill and the Internet. Yah, push that “button” and no Democrat gets elected or re-elected for a decade.
  11. A boy.
  12. Bluffing?
  13. Sex and mystery.

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