Good morning.

  1. Of COIN and Koran.
  2. Boom.
  3. Guns. Here and here. As a recent purchaser of firearms myself, I’d note I got two .22s because the .22LR costs about 3.5 cents a round instead of 50 … and all the books all say you need to fire thousands or rounds to get familiar and accurate. The 22 is affordable.
  4. Yah think?
  5. I thought Thomas was the die hard originalist not the whole court.
  6. Odd crossword word.
  7. How to burn your phone.
  8. Why do no people wonder about the reverse that “protected” race based and gender based groups can be led by those they’d wish to exclude?
  9. Love and sand.
  10. Well, as an ex-protestant and non-Anglo Saxon … I suppose I should applaud (and yes, I remain white). 🙂
  11. Mr Obama’s rights record.
  12. Mr Krugman, here and here.

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