Good morning. Have a blessed Holy Week!

  1. Make that 3d and … pretty soon kids will be helping fold proteins and think it’s a game.
  2. On those not getting the Tea party movement.
  3. Washington and power, a symptom.
  4. Among the problems here, Ms Althouse isn’t conservative … and the allegations lack substance. But besides that, it’s just fine right?
  5. So, before you go check, what percentage of freight is hauled by the moribund railroad industry in the US? Now check.
  6. The ozone hole …. 
  7. Upcoming, 60 minutes goes to the Holy Mountain.
  8. Question, does the “hate crime” category exist just because of inertia? Or are there real live progressives who support it’s continuation as a viable legal notion?
  9. Oooh, spot the straw man. Mr Schraub apparently thinks the GOP wants religion mixed in the US Constitution. Problem. I doubt he’s ever met a real live Republican who believes that … or ever will. 
  10. Three budgets. We need one that drops faster/further though.
  11. An ordinary life in pictures.


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