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  1. Aside from the hard street, the smells, the sounds and all, that looks idyllic,  … or not. My eldest slept the night on my chest her first night home from the hospital after her birth just like that (she was smaller).
  2. A “faked” quote … here and here. Alas my disconnect from the mainstream/liberal left echo chamber is that I only heard of the quote from these discussions pointing out that it was faked.
  3. Or far more reasonably you this should cast serious doubt on the accuracy of your cricket race. Try the following, poll 20 of your GOP friends … ask them Obama was born in the US … and report back. See if that 45% number holds any water. I bet you come back with something more akin to 1 in 20.
  4. The importance of ethics, be you Christian or not. “How then shall you live?” is indeed the crux of the matter.
  5. Considering the Christian response to the bin Laden assasination.
  6. How many? Hmm, how many shoplifters, bigots, racists, web-footed cyclists? Why, for that matter do smart/good people turn to bad arguments? What, anything in a mudfight?
  7. Beauty in the eyes of … whom? I mean besides mom.
  8. Some shutup medicine for the tornado/AGW crowd.
  9. Better than the final 4 … May and the Giro. On an unrelated note, I’m back to commuting to/from work by bike. I’m both way way out of shape but I’m at least moving in the right direction. Right now, it’s 8miles each way, and my sweet wife has persuaded me to try to get to work prior to the rush hour (I’m working towards leaving at 6). Next week, I’ll start stretching the return ride bit by bit towards a more respectable distance which hopefully by July is more like 30 at least a few times a week. 
  10. Orthodoxy in Africa, at the Cape.

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