On to the business at hand …

  1. Your tax dollars at work … OK. probably not your tax dollars but somebodies. Golly, gubmit sure is silly.
  2. Ooh, surprise, taxes going up is the “hidden” plan.
  3. Better than raising taxes any day of the week.
  4. Which is another reason why not to do this.
  5. prediction made.
  6. Another.
  7. Hollywood and the musical.
  8. Remember this.
  9. Not alone in that confusion.
  10. Despicable? or just ordinary ho hum?
  11. What if you didn’t kill him, just put a round in a lung?  That’ll usually take the vim and vigor out of a guy.

This week has been crazy. The hotel web site crawls (which I can access at night). I’m with only sketchy phone service, no data, and no network all day. Odd doing that during a non-vacation day.

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