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  1. Stradeggy and the President, speaking tours (noted here as well). So what was Obama’s strategy in suggestion on opposite days that Israel receed to pre-67 borders and not receed? 
  2. Still wrangling with the OSB assasination.
  3. I think probably a better hybrid car solution than batteries, at least for recovering braking energy as batteries lose a lot of energy to heat (which also damages the batteries).
  4. This is what climate stupidity looks like when gussied up to look like science. Two points. Heat a pot of water to say, 50 degrees (c). Observe. Now heat it up 1-2 degrees more … big difference, eh? Secondly, too bad there is no actual statistical evidence that violent storms have increased over in their intensity or freqency over the last two centuries.
  5. Here’s a hint why we might think that they have increased, besides confirmation bias in the mind of the true believers.
  6. That being said, the contrast is remarkable, MI before and after.
  7. When three men call you an ass, buy a saddle. However, on the Internet, I’ve noticed that if you ignore someone … it’s really like they’ve just gone away.
  8. The very old and very new tech finding a meeting ground.
  9. Akin to Catholic cover up?
  10. A Litmus test for partisan bias
  11. Lot’s of pea-wits out there.
  12. Marriage. We had a small wedding. Hopefully my daughters will do the same. Our anniversary was just last weekend, 18 years. Our first song was not “Damnation”, but perhaps not much better (I don’t know that song). Ours was Lyle Lovett’s “She’s no Lady, She’s my Wife.” 

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