Good morning.

  1. Well, there’s an (unintended) argument for drone use.
  2. A maths trick in narrative form.
  3. About that pope fella.
  4. Cinema: Pacific Rim and a litmus test.
  5. Detroit, one in 100? The first penguin to test the waters for whales and seals?
  6. Scrubbed from Mr Obama’s past by a friendly press perhaps?
  7. Climate, crises and costs. Compare/constrast with this (and don’t ask if the climate change is just the el Nino/Nina cycle).
  8. Ah … a last line, I still think Mr Wilde’s was better (“on his deathbed reputedly he said, “Either that wallpaper goes or I go … and died.”)
  9. Manners and (just as importantly) … some interesting words I didn’t know. So now your task for the week is to use “blatteroon” in a sentence.
  10. Hmmm, I hit #1 and #4. Re #1 without the “droopy oversized” that’s regular summer wear for me and I no longer own any blue jeans having replaced them all with #4, which is all about the pockets (and not having to sit on my wallet).

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