Have a holy Maundy Thursday for all you celebrating such (for the Eastern Christians next week is Holy week, we’re one week off this year).

  1. A disappearing not-molested minority.
  2. Easter egg! Grump.
  3. So, this is the first account of events … are we all on the same page now? Or are other going off another account of events?
  4. It’s not just the right being disgusted by fiction for ideology in the “news” media.
  5. In which Mr Obama continues by pointing out that he is as often (perhaps more often) as the other side blowing smoke.
  6. I wonder what part of the developer team she might be? Code design? Circuit board layout?
  7. Let’s see, this is an interesting contrast. Mr Leiter thinks “conservatives are getting dumber” … why? Well, because they don’t trust the scientific academy as much as liberals. And at the same time, in another corner, a study of 53 landmark papers found 47 with falsified/non-reproducible results. So, perhaps the dumb is on the other side of the aisle.
  8. Ms Palin in the Couric chair.
  9. Girls playing games.
  10. Tornado alley has tornadoes … as a sign of climate change. Odd that.

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