Good morning. Sorry about yesterday, one thing led to another and before you know/knew it, tempus had fugitted.

  1. Some precision tech.
  2. So … cute or freaky?
  3. Religion, predating agriculture.
  4. An ode for Mr Wiener.
  5. Violence and virtue. There’s a wonderful Taoist piece on when X is praised, Y has already been lost. I need to scare that up.
  6. Speaking of virtue.
  7. Job loophole.
  8. Computers … not helping efficiency.
  9. Three (!) banks?
  10. Trust lost! Lost!? Can’t lose what you don’t have.
  11. Climate and trend
  12. Obama’s primary means of killing the economy continues apace, that is to say uncertainty. There are those who continue to assure me Mr Obama is really really smart. If so, he knows this is happening and therefore its purposeful. Toward what end does he continue to try to damage or kill the US economy? 

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