Good morning.

  1. That arctic ice elbow has passed.
  2. Guess that unemployment is quasi voluntary. 50k a year ain’t nothing.
  3. A question for the abortion supporters/advocates.
  4. Well, it looks really fast and very slick.
  5. How not to approach the Ms Bachmann/vaccination question. I think you could have an interesting conversation about the extent of coercion “for your own good” in a state and how such lines are drawn (between individual freedoms and when to cross them in your own interest). It seems right and left have very different notions about the setting of such lines.
  6. Here’s a lesson in how to do reporting really really badly, i.e., tell big lies. Perhaps he’s just following the leader? One wonders how such a person blogs as one of the “Moderate Voice” … that wasn’t moderation by any stretch.
  7. Shell tech. Coool.
  8. The life you save …. do watch to the end. Heh.
  9. The Obama-as-FDR meme.
  10. A knife (knives?) way way way out of my price range.
  11. The notion that Mr Obama’s jobs bill is about anythings but one job, his own, is ludicrous. Even the Keynesian stimulus fans should be aghast at the notion that spending paid for by tax increases is stimulus seeing as tax cuts are one of the most efficient means applying stimulus. It’s better described as a bribe for votes.
  12. Today’s feast in the Church.
  13. Mr Gore’s Parody day. I don’t even know what Mr Gore really calls it. Hmm. Meanwhile, if you see the Texas drought blamed on “climate change” you can now diss the speaker.
  14. Libya, then.
  15. Imagining the worst (straw) fears of the liberals, when theocracy comes to America.

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