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  1. Wow, after the crackdown in Belorus, an excellent blogger who was on top and noticing the injustice in the world acts and looks like she’s been “spoken to in an unkind manner” and has completely changed. Scary.
  2. Some frank medical advice.
  3. Well, duh! Zombies are monsters. And, come to think of it I’ve never ever seen a zombie praying, so zombies are atheists. Lo, here’s a hypothesis. While atheists aren’t monsters perhaps monsters, on the other hand, are atheists. 😀
  4. Ms Palin and the left/right synergy.
  5. Wow, he’s lost the far far left. I think the remark overheard was right, if the GOP nominated Hitler … he’d beat Obama in the general election. Nobody, but nobody, is going to vote for that guy.
  6. This is not unrelated.
  7. This is a weird post. It starts, “Ms Bachmann is an idiot” (and for what? It seems she offered the same quality of remark that came from the President in the healthcare debate … yet oddly enough he wasn’t called an “idiot” for making those remarks.) Then … it turns out, on the substance of the remarks for which she is an idiot, the author agrees with her. Odd that.
  8. Chicago style in the White House.
  9. 65 billion for 2k jobs? Gosh, and some people wonder at the negative response to the latest jobs proposal.
  10. A wrap-up of the Gore climate parody show.
  11. What about, well, rain?
  12. A economic stimulus primer.
  13. Something sweet and light.
  14. Some consequences of casual critical remarks of Cornell’s guest.

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