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  1. They’re pressing charges? Grrr.
  2. Officially a scandal“, what does that mean? More here.
  3. As the weekend approacheth, a film is noted.
  4. As the world gets worse, Academia embraces the change.
  5. Speaking of gay … the dog isn’t barking.
  6. Well, that if it was real, that would settle the atheist/theist debate.
  7. Predictions of unanticipated consequences of Mr Obama’s bribes-to-get-a-job-for-me bill.
  8. I couldn’t put my finger on what bugged me about the Obama picture in that Perry/Obama at 22 comparison. But, now I get it. This is not unrelated.
  9. Attack watch.
  10. This is not unrelated. How/why can the admin be that tone deaf. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe it. And no, I don’t especially “love” ya.
  11. The left wing blob unconciously apes what it terms the right-wing blob.
  12. This has got to be the lamest “revelation” in the history of politics. “Newsflash, elite college athletes aren’t sexually inactive (while remaining !gasp! unmarried) !” News to whom I wonder?
  13. Woops.
  14. Apparently “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” doesn’t include Alzheimers in Mr Robertson’s view. (Hint: That would be the wrong answer)
  15. Grist for the on-going discussion on bureaucracy and schools, esp the 2nd link.
  16. Healing Chalecedon?

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