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  1. Some thoughts on sexual identity and the history of the notion.
  2. Of Toledo and (?) Bulgaria?
  3. A neighbor notices unrest.
  4. Another take on the Ms Knox case.
  5. Of price and access and accessibility.
  6. disagree with David here, saying rapists are not “particularly different than any man on the street” is actually saying that the converse is also the case (that every man in the street is like the rapist).  It’s also wrong, people who turn to in-your-face violence to achieve any of their goals are very different than the “any man” on the street.
  7. So liberals, here’s a question … what amount is “reasonable.” By what criteria?
  8. An apt response indeed “Lord, have mercy.”
  9. So, will strong Tea Party support for Mr Cain silence the “Tea Party = racists meme?”
  10. Nope.
  11. The root cause of our current difficulties.
  12. A book noted.
  13. The Democrat party and their hatred of women?

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