Good morning.

  1. The LISPers mourn. Noted here too.
  2. A tale of two desks (three if you count KDE).
  3. Noting a quote from someone somwhere who apparently has never heard of (or read or been influenced by) Mr Burke. Actually, if you think a large group of people with the same culture, same background has a substantial different (and lower quality/amount) human feature like empathy, love or caring of others than does your group … that is tribalism not truth.
  4. More seriously, on the subject of conservatism qua conservatism.
  5. Once touched never the same.
  6. An interesting question raised, how/why that dichotomy of impressions comes about. Is the suggested answer on the right track?
  7. Noise abatement and the OWS. Drums?
  8. Out on the steppes.
  9. Graphic images and self-censure (on a parenthetical note, I have not seen any pictures of Gadafi’s capture or execution and I’m not looking. Why would you?)
  10. Poking fun at the President (and his poor arithmetic skills).

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