Good morning.

  1. Inequality and crises.
  2. Shot “something” … likely piece of paper or clay pigeon. The horror! (gun tech vid here)
  3. Iranian nukes, for big or little “satan”.
  4. Of Uganda and Columbia.
  5. Failure of imagination … gosh is there any difference in the family past between GOP candidates and Mr Obama? Hmm, one has a foreign parent, no reason to imagine that might make a difference, eh?
  6. A primer for the arguments in the upcoming Obamacare SCOTUS discussion.
  7. Feminists against porn.
  8. Two for Lent, St. Basil on sin and
  9. for this Sunday … the cross.
  10. Marking inconsistencies … or consequences of ownership?
  11. In short, no.
  12. Ooooh, Obamacare not as insolvent as suspected, with a windfall of unanticipated fines and taxes. And that’s a good thing?
  13. A local hero and her bike(s).
  14. Student given life sentence for burning “To Kill a Mockingbird”  … oh, wait.
  15. Tea party and Hunger Games.

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