Good morning.

  1. Epistemic insight into that road to serfdom?
  2. By your fruit (or not exactly fruit)?
  3. Is this on the up and up?
  4. Half our electricity … gone? or gone from mind of the left?
  5. Hey! I thought Mr Gowers was done with the entertainment. There’s more fun!
  6. Saint von Bingen, here and here.
  7. Of art, beauty and flaws.
  8. Why the horn?
  9. Why bother read the fine print … he isn’t an honest speaker in the first place.
  10. A language found.
  11. grease, err, Greece fire?
  12. An economic indicator?
  13. A top ten list.
  14. You sir, might be an idiot, I however am a fool.
  15. Tombstone.
  16. Wind damage.
  17. Flexibility and pessimism (or is it realism).

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