Good morning.

  1. After all, it’s not his money. Why should he give a crap if it costs a lot more.
  2. Newt bows out, all that remains is the zombie candidate. Braaaaaiiiins.
  3. A book for the Orthodox in our midst.
  4. A big blade, and one wonders if climate modelers have considered impact of wind power on climate. My suspicion would be that they haven’t.
  5. eCars in real life.
  6. Biking with Dante continues.
  7. Ooooh, idiot jokes. I always liked, “It takes a village to raise and idiot.” 
  8. Planned “Parenthood” silliness.
  9. Snarfing the rich, the vid vid.
  10. Accidental peroxide.
  11. The tech smuggle.
  12. Sometimes science really truly is boring. An y’all can now suggest my penance for that pun.
  13. Contra-April the first. When I was eight or nine, the neighbor accross the street put a toilet out for the garbage collection at the street on the first. It took me 20 minutes to convince anyone to even look out the window to see that protestations that a toilet was on the neighbors yard wasn’t just some really dumb joke.
  14. In which the penny dreadful returns to haunt the living.
  15. The problem with trolleys.

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