Good morning.

  1. Funky shapes in mind-space, but perhaps soon to air-space?
  2. High politics becoming similar to autocracies. Will we notice? Will it matter? What will the consequences be? And “shocked”? Seriously?
  3. Not thinking it through, specifically “another mystery” is not a mystery. He knew that it wasn’t secure. That’s gotta be a premise. Now follow that thought down the rabbit hole.
  4. And finally on that topic … a timeline.
  5. Emergency computing resources?
  6. Silliness of even/odd rationing.
  7. Mr West hasn’t realized that blogs are way cheaper than he thinks. “Serious discussion” don’t cost money and certainly not billions of dollars.
  8. Economic growth and its coming scarcity.
  9. More related to growth here.
  10. Gouging.
  11. Hmm, liberte, egalite, and large overflowing buckets of blood from the French revolution becomes …. a new slogan? Probably not the allusion they were going for, eh?
  12. Cultural progressions.
  13. Some Latin palindromes.
  14. Wince.
  15. Baggage handlers and thieves.
  16. What my book “inbox” would look like too if I hadn’t gone mostly electronic.
  17. Zaaap!
  18. I’m confused. Isn’t everyone in favor of high skilled immigration?

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