1. Recounting Mr Obama’s shifting sands and the Middle East. Even if you don’t know what we should vis a vis Egypt and Syria, what we did do remains amazingly stupid.
  2. Speaking of Syria … somebody needs to update their RSS/news feeds, ’cause that criteria touches not a single comment on the matter that I’ve read anywhere.
  3. Oh, welcome back Mr Schraub … even if you abandon the Constitution in the name of defending it. A fourth of the colonies at the time of ratification felt that “Freedom” meant the authority to make local decisions about how to order their life (reference, “New England folkway and the section on “Freedom ways” in Abion’s Seed by David Hackett Fisher). My guess is that Mr Schraub knew that because he has a keen interest in American political history, so he has to have read that seminal book. It seems incoherent to argue that what is meant by freedom held by a quarter of the founding population is actually not Constitutional.
  4. Slick gun tech.
  5. For your failing memory, future promise.
  6. Killing “to make a statement” seems on its face unethical. Yes or no?
  7. Epic fantasy ranked. I’d move #3 up … possibly to the top. I’d move down #4 … don’t know how far. #17 shouldn’t even be on the list, it was so bad.
  8. Uh, what the heck?!
  9. This not news, guy works at spy agencies … and, erhm, spies.
  10. That. Is. Amazing.
  11. Discussing racism.

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