1. Not Crazy, more specifically defined.
  2. Mr Obama apparently imitates one of my favorite Calvin/Hobbes cartoons (use your own words). Immigration will help businesses “to locate”, yah. Whatever you pretend that means I guess.
  3. Some more detailed remarks, apparently the speech was very, if unintentionally, humorous.
  4. Tech notes.
  5. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.
  6. Faith and action.
  7. More Democrat Senators who haven’t been to a drug store to price condoms in quite some time.
  8. India “perplexed” that the US is bug-nuts crazy. I am too I guess.
  9. What to do? You mean besides learning to like red-beans+rice and/or split-peas with spam?
  10. “Science” apparently confused which kids are fat, uhm, duh.
  11. Speaking of childhood obesity … it’s not necesssarily permanent.
  12. Palinquin lady.
  13. ‘Cause industrial Carbon in the 11th century was omnipresent. Alas, the seas rose and killed everything (just after it had been turned into a newt). But, “it got better.”
  14. Stupidity in schools.

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