Well, now I’m in South East California (Visalia).

  1. When I saw this, a question occurred to me. If it is (allegedly) illegal to refuse a same sex couple on top of a cake if you run a cake shop. Can you refuse to put a stripper pole on a wedding cake? If you can, … then I’m afraid I don’t see the reasoning behind the first being illegal. If you can’t, that’s also wrong it seems to me.
  2. Tactics and Ukrainian resistance.
  3. Alas, more politicians in the beltway don’t do this.
  4. Wisconsin liberals show their liberal colors.
  5. Conservative vs liberal notions of diversity.
  6. In answer to the question, no it doesn’t insult the child or the mother, it indicates the speaker is either misogynistic moron or is trying to shock the listener with the how the pro-abortion crowd sees things.
  7. Just remember, an elephant is just a mouse that the government spec’ed and built.
  8. Of sport and danger.
  9. Yes, it might be best, but the FDA has no mechanism for approving a treatment like that.
  10. Punny.
  11. McCain puts his mark on where Obama stands in the stupid vs evil choice. Liberal outraged that McCain called Obama stupid, apparently they prefer willful evil.
  12. Mr Holder has apparently gone on record telling prosecutors to stop prosecuting gun laws like background checks and what types of gun are allowed and how/when you can carry, oh wait … it was a different law. If you’re a liberal cheering his “not stopping SSM in states where it is not legal” … how would you feel if it was about not holding to your states gun laws?
  13. Yet another racist liberal.
  14. Progress.

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