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  1. Freedom of speech and the Interwebs.
  2. A question regarding commerce and regulation.
  3. A left-liberal teacher Democrat talks about Obama.
  4. If you’re raising kids … priorities.
  5. Yah, right … and if it’s raining or you turn on your A/C or if it’s under 20 degrees? Not so much, eh?
  6. At least nobody is keeping to the pretense that the intevervention was for humanitarian reasons.
  7. Data for the Palin film.
  8. There is a kernel of truth to that. Most IT professionals don’t do home PC repair … but are pressed into it by friends and family. Basic knowledge of what a computer is and what programs do … plus a measure of persistence and google are what passes for that expertise.
  9. Here’s a notion. Obama is trying to push the US to default for his own political gains.
  10. There is no car, no driver. I think this is basically right. Government can’t help the economy. It can only choose to harm it a little or a lot.
  11. “Somebody has our money” … the basic core of the liberal tax fallacy.
  12. So … you’re outraged about Murdoch on principle?

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