Two days in a row! Woo.

  1. The East and icons.
  2. Chopsticks and nukes.
  3. More to come with Obamacare rising.
  4. Mr Irons makes the same point I’ve made.
  5. Spartacus! While Lance (used) to be a the big US cycling star, when Lance was riding I was a fan of Michele Bartoli and then Cancellara.
  6. Alcohol … yah, prohibition worked so well.
  7. So, Mr Obama flaunts his ignorance. One: “Surely there are well meaning Democrats who can tie their shoes. Two: “Fully automatic” … except, alas,  it wasn’t and we all know that (including the speaker). Three: “We waste money …” which is an excellent description of what you’re doing full time, however politicians are not usually so upfront about money wasting as their vocation.
  8. So if Mr Bush had said that? What would be the reaction in the press?
  9. Yes, you are constrained. This is a feature, not a bug. If you think otherwise, you’re unfit for office.
  10. Oh please, get real. What percentage of Down under overseas travel is to the predominantly Muslim Malaysia? Probably most … hence the policy. It’s not “dhmittude” it’s about profit.
  11. I don’t the reason for the continued shortage? I begin to suspect government intervention/regulation.
  12. No dilemma … no reason to choose between them at all yet, these can not be the only criteria/description of the policies.
  13. I guess Garmin and Tom-Tom will be funding the appeal, for the ruling basically says you can’t use a GPS while driving.
  14. Heh.

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