Woo. Two days in a row. Cooking with, err, steam?

  1. Some grist to counter Che chic. And what looks like a good book for the inbox to boot.
  2. Speaking of the inbox, here’s another.
  3. Two posts on freedom of speech, here in the US it is apparently falling out of favor and in Russia where one thinks the press has little freedom, this might be a counter-example of that notion.
  4. project.
  5. I wonder at the use of the adjective “hopeful”. Not what comes to mind for me at least.
  6. Zap, snarf snarf.
  7. This post brings to mind the remark I noted by Mr Schraub a few weeks ago that government was uniquely situated to act fairly. Yah, right.
  8. They should eliminate Asian quotas for schools, five years after the elite schools become 60+ percent asian … the majority whole slacker student attitudes would do some disappearing. Do us all some good.
  9. Yah, that makes sense. Historically speaking that means, they would be seeking damages from West African nations, Spain, and the Dutch.  Good luck on that.
  10. Apropos of the above.
  11. Cheap but cool.
  12. Fracking did not drive Texas economic boom.
  13. No reason I can think of.
  14. Which means it probably isn’t true.
  15. The administrations remains stuck on stupid.

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