Ok. ‘Nother week, ‘nother dollar

  1. Mr Obama’s sanctions invoke replies, such as this and this. Few typically note that we are using Russia for supply lines to Afghanistan operations when they remark on the weakness of said sanctions.
  2. Purple-ness brings to mind the Bulwer-Lytton contest, which if I was more clever I’d know when the 2014 results were to be out … and if I was even more clever I’d enter.
  3. Gosh, lots of uses for this, few of the licit or moral.
  4. Chicago and St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. Yah, if you believe that, we’ve got submarine pens in Arizona to sell you.
  6. This book looks interesting.
  7. That “more open” Presidency, yet another promise not kept, eh?
  8. Insanely cool … and he’s right.
  9. A modern analogy for Lent.
  10. Solzhenitsyn and the Crimea. Last night I had a chat with a Romanian friend. He put a large part of the onus on Yeltsin, for drunkenly allowing the “split up” to follow Stalin’s division of state boundaries and not suggesting regions work it out for themselves or to use more rational historical/ethnic boundaries. The Crimea just an outworking of Stalin’s assigning the Crimea (vast majority Russian, some Tartar, and finally Ukrainians) to Ukraine. Errors along the southwest boarder with Moldavia, Ukraine and Romania were mentioned as well.
  11. Our liberal teaching establishment, getting the hind end foremost.
  12. The other side of being part of GM, i.e., Government Motors. But the government won’t be to blame just as they skipped out on the BP disaster. It’s always the other guy’s fault, except when you are in a extremely regulated industry it’s the ultimately the watcher’s fault.

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