Well, 6 day work-week. Woo! Five down, one to go.

  1. Feminists seeking a clue. And a counter opinion from other women here (see esp. #9).
  2. More liberal feminist cluelessness here.
  3. This, on the other hand is what real feminism looks like.
  4. A one liner to live (and vote) by.
  5. Mr Obama’s FDA, screwing things up one day at a time.
  6. Parental obvious observation.
  7. Liberal icon dies. Nobody living or dead has done more to raise the opinion and consciousness of gay social issues than he has. Odd that.
  8. Climate, extreme weather and cost.
  9. Here’s what liberals will ignore or dismiss, and it will cost us all a lot of money.
  10. 8 questions and the Ukraine.
  11. Some Noah cinema thoughts. For my 2 cents, if Noah is seen struggling with the tiller to keep the boat safe against wind and wave … that’s not Noah, that’s Gilgamesh. The Noah and Epic of G. narratives both had a arc-like boat as key elements in the story. The essential difference highlighted by the latter story (Noah) was that Noah’s arc had no tiller, God not man saves is the lesson. So, a litmus test for this film is this the story of Gilgamesh or Noah, is Man or God your source of salvation? You can tell by asking if the boat has a tiller.
  12. Lesson regarding Mr Obama and political speeches. Look at the statement in 2008. Look at the subsequent cuts. The statement in 2008 is a bald faced lie.
  13. Well, if you want proof that the NSA has cracked https. Here it is.
  14. “Humans can …”, hah! Not me! I’m only good for about 6 to 8, well realistically maybe 100.
  15. Horrible headline. What? The Earth gave a hip fake to the Sun and did what? Slipped past the blockers on the left? Riiiiight.
  16. And to end this list for today, something to help you smile.

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