Moving the week right along. With Links!

  1. From where I come from, “black bodies” brings to mind not racial politics but Planck’s constant and black body radiation. ‘Tis a better place I deem.
  2. Death comes to all men.
  3. Law and international relations, part one and two. In which it is admitted that all attacks on civilian objects not in time of war is an international war crime. Drone fans take note.
  4. Mr Kerry is anti-science.
  5. Wolves and their large scale construction projects.
  6. Oh, that’s going to play well with the grandchildren.
  7. A well played reverse fisking.
  8. The intrinsic problem with the “GOP war on women” tactic. ‘Tis feminists and the pro-abortion left which war on women.
  9. Apparently in outer space mass is not conserved. Who knew? Perhaps however there is another hypothesis.
  10. Tourism and the Black Sea.
  11. Curling participation apparently involves more than beer.
  12. Cinema. If the Ark has a rudder, the Noah being portrayed is Gilgamesh with a pseudonym.


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