Hey. Holy week!

  1. So. Growing up and the seeds of who you were where there from very early. A theme found here and here. I saw this film when it had 4 segments. Now it has 7.
  2. Getting there (HT). A pet peeve of me is the dislike especially in cinema that people “are just born talented” and it isn’t a combination of talent and (the missing) hard work that got them to a level of excellence.
  3. In case need a laugh.
  4. Grumbling in the wings.
  5. A book noted.
  6. Using a shotgun to do maths.
  7. “transplant” seems to be a word that would be far more colorful to describe what is being done in the vernacular.
  8. Larmarckian vindication?
  9. And to close … a word of warning. 😀

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