So, my daughter got me using (with her “my fitness pal” a phone/web app/site) so that both of us can lose some weight and get fit. I’ve “configured” it to get me to lose .5 lbs per week for a year or so to get to a nice weight … and I’m getting back to biking and still swimming. I’ve gone to it being hard to eat as little as needed to the other side of the coin, on  a good (exercise) day it’s hard to eat enough. But enough about me … links?

  1. A look inside the liberal echo chamber (aka mainstream news media).
  2. I’d say the surprise would be if it was otherwise.
  3. Mr Bundy’s recent remarks are loudly touted (on the left). Why? As a distraction is the probable cause.
  4. That rising tide, which liberals wish to slow to foster inequality … and why that’s a bad idea.
  5. Obama contra Obama (yet again).
  6. Of church and society (or the Ratzinger/Habermas debate resurfaces).
  7. Fine advice, oddly enough.
  8. Bureaucracy and self-discipline.
  9. Hope (apparently) springs eternal.
  10. Some things have always been important.
  11. As a general rule, none (and drop the “other” variants as well). Look at War and Peace or the Brothers Karamazov and see how much of any sort they had.
  12. Too bad the state department’s main export isn’t slapstick comedy.

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