G’day. Links?

  1. So. The Sterling kerfuffle moves into the second stage, here are two view (one and two). I’m a little concerned about the notion that you can have that much damage done by having a private conversation recorded, sans context, and voila. Ruination. Seems to me public actions should have those kinds of consequences, not private conversation. Just never argue a devils advocate position … ever.
  2. Well, I live in Chicago .. and while I don’t follow basketball, for what it’s worth in January they were expected to finish last in the East after losing Deng and Rose. They finished far ahead of expectations. That remains true.
  3. Wind.
  4. How the President should not argue.
  5. A public service reminder.
  6. The Benghazi cover-up … and it’s a success. Why was it a success? Because, I think,  the “video” story was believed by the gullible, the tribal, and the wicked. So if you bought the video story, which were you?
  7. A school to notice.


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