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Friday Link Wrap-up

In Canada, strip searches from possession of a deadly … crayon.

Also from the Great White North, government intrusion into homeschool, saying that Christian parents can’t teach a Biblical view of homosexuality. Freedom of religion is being chipped away slowly enough that most don’t see it.

If Obama is some post-racial president, why is he launching "African Americans for Obama"?

Medical "ethicists" are seriously arguing that post-birth newborns are "not persons" and can ethically be "aborted".

With all the religious implications of Obama’s policies, you’d think he’d have kept around his faith-based council for advice. Nope, they’ve just faded away.

Movie reviewers of the liberal persuasion are all for anti-war, anti-military or pro-environmental message movies, but that idea gets thrown out when they disapprove of the message. Suddenly, it’s "propaganda".

Scofflaw Democrats. "The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 further provides that if, for two years in a row, more than 45% of Medicare funding is coming from general revenues rather than Medicare taxes, the president must submit legislation to Congress to address the Medicare funding crisis. President Bush dutifully followed the law, but President Obama has ignored it for the last three years."

Obama claims that we can’t drill our way out of the energy problem, and then, in the same speech, notes that domestic oil production is at it’s highest level in 8 years. Because we drilled! Can’t have it both ways, Mr. President, but the press will try to let you have it.

Things Heard: e210v5

Good morning.

  1. One of those “your XYZ name” charts.
  2. A (possibly? likely?) better indicator of future climate trends than CO2.
  3. Oh, and about that “big” Heartland AGW skepticism threat.
  4. Two more posts, a little more reflective than reactive, on the med ethics journal article considering infanticide. Here and here.
  5. Upcoming mindless fun entertainment.
  6. Jeesh, 40+ posts mentioning Mr Breitbart’s death from the rabid/insane right before we get to one with suspicion and conspiracy. Hello, the guy must have had dozens if not hundreds of death threats from the loony left a week. Hey, back before blogging and the Internet, I spent a half year in the exercise of believing as true everything I read on alt.conspiracy … y’all are missing out on the fun.
  7. Slosh = Schlitz?
  8. Apology mania.
  9. Insurance troubles?
  10. Art leads to reflection.
  11. That pipeline.
  12. Statistics and genocide.

Fabulous Food Foto (# 010)

The Breakfast Burrito, from Charlie’s Chili, in Newport Beach, CA.

After a PhotoWalk on and near the Newport Beach pier, we had a great breakfast at Charlie’s Chili. The breakfast burrito is a large offering of egg, potato, bacon (or sausage), cheese, and salsa, served with fried potatoes. This order will set you back almost $10, but you’ll be set for the rest of the day!


– image © 2011 A R Lopez