1. Narrative shock and Ms Pevensie.
  2. Mr Geithner’s sooper seekret plan.
  3. On that “no true scotsman global warming dissenters” in science narratives thing.
  4. On Vaclav Klaus.
  5. Bus captions.
  6. On Lent.
  7. Geek chic.
  8. Of names and some not so good.
  9. It’s interesting how modern progressive ideas mesh with Mussolini’s list.
  10. Ethics and guidance.
  11. Unemployment figures.
  12. Really laying the hammer down.
  13. On the Twist narrative.
  14. Well, I answered “no” to both questions.
  15. Well, I bought the book … looks good.
  16. Suggestions of consequences re Mr Obama’s inexperience (or naivete).
  17. Mr Wilder’s and the UK continues.
  18. And a book and a list.

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