1. A question of politics, “should the liberal state permit the existence of non-liberal communities?” I think so, but my argument will not fit in the margin of this page.
  2. Well, those Keynesians in government voted themselves more power and got their panacea. Some more remarks here.
  3. One more thing for schools to waste money on.
  4. Time and church.
  5. Napoleon, err, the Anglicans in Egypt.
  6. Mr Wilders and “freedom” in the UK.
  7. Verse.
  8. Healthcare rationing and the stimulus bill is a cowardly way to avoid debate.
  9. The Hindu Melkite.
  10. An odd film noted and reviewed.
  11. So Mr tax-fraud Geithner offers bank bailout version 2, or the fix for bad debt for the credit industry is to accumulate as much more bad debt as possible. Hair of the dog as very very expensive policy?
  12. What if I am weak?
  13. That “economic consensus” for the stimulus, alas exists only amongst politicians.
  14. Two recent films compared.
  15. In which yet another lefty discovers the bigotry is hers.
  16. No, I have not.
  17. A discussion of guilt, innocence and punishments and another (from the left) who just bought the argument hook line and sinker.
  18. Epistemology and climate “science.”
  19. The cross survives.
  20. On fasting.
  21. A cool video.
  22. So, its been what, two weeks? After four years … one wonders how disillusioned the left will be?
  23. If I had more money than I knew what do do with.

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