1. N.D. offers a bill that will get discussed.
  2. Death penalty for Downs?
  3. Anti-semitism in Europe has been noted in various quarters. It’s odd how none of those making that observation connected that to either the fall of Christianity in Europe or the rise of Islam.
  4. Denominations and brand loyalty.
  5. Drood? I do like Simmons writing a lot.
  6. Conspiracies and pitchforks.
  7. How will the left react to the new surge?
  8. I don’t get the lede.
  9. Fairness with another name, still stinks. Noted here too.
  10. A sign of foreign relations? or what?
  11. Of reason and judgement.
  12. Pascal being lyrical.
  13. Some remarks on the meeting of secular and Orthodoxy in psychotherapy.
  14. Schools being stupid.
  15. Zooom.
  16. Mr Obama contradicting himself, when the shoe is on the other foot.
  17. A book on apologetics recommended.
  18. The economic story of the Depression and world war … bottom line -> not simple.

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