1. Ms McArdle, a former(?) fan, on Geithner.
  2. One idea for Lent, stop breathing?
  3. The Pope to Vietnam?
  4. Two approaches to economic stress compared.
  5. As Mr Obama keeps stressing the “crises” we’re in … one wonders if Mr Emanuel’s remark of using a crises to seize power is part of this play.
  6. Demons replaced in metaphor.
  7. St. Polycarp? I think the significance of his martyrdom was he was the last alive at one degree.
  8. A book list.
  9. An oil deal.
  10. If it’s really a Ponzi or bubble, buyout/buy-in is not the solution, I think.
  11. The importance of being Earnest, err, stupid.
  12. His purpose.
  13. Fisking Krugman.
  14. Our irresponsible AG?
  15. Uncertainty.
  16. Emulating Mr Soprano.
  17. A quote.

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