1. One view of the ecnomic problems facing the world today. Another, with an Asian focus, here.
  2. Good advice. I need to work on the reading slow part … although a busy life helps there.
  3. Hmmm.
  4. A post I disagree with at On the Square, the First Things blog … although I think the conclusion of the post disagrees with the content.
  5. The desire of Mr Obama to fail meme disabused.
  6. When not studying (Greek?).
  7. Plugging lefse and a kitchen toy.
  8. Considering peer review.
  9. Bad pictoral pun.
  10. Confucious and … the Desert?
  11. A poll (cricket race?) in Pakistan.
  12. Hmm, I’m guessing a good peaty single malt isn’t on the ticket either.
  13. A suggestion for banking.
  14. A two parter of advice for the lay detection of junk science, part one and part two.
  15. Stranger than fiction.
  16. A series begins … Diesels you can’t get in the US but should be able to … and I too am a fan of the modern small diesel engine as one of our families cars is a VW TDI Golf.
  17. Teaching and a problem … which in a sane world would not be a problem at all.
  18. Does the bill rejecting the fairness doctrine contains seeds of the same.

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