1. Disagreement with Mr Obama’s tawdry charactarization of the American people. Another view here.
  2. The progressives don’t think it’s a good idea either. Who does?
  3. Adam, Eve, and Islam.
  4. She is a prole? So what is the particular significance of that for non-Marxists?
  5. Theology and Led Zeppelin.
  6. Economic complaints.
  7. For St. Mary of Egypt … the Saint remembered and honored by the East for the fifth and last Sunday of Great Lent.
  8. Winners and losers.
  9. Easter marketing … or not getting it right.
  10. North Korea.
  11. An Obama gaffe discussed and arriving at a good conclusion.
  12. Porn and an analogy.
  13. Mr Obama wants ponies for everyone.
  14. Some (inconvenient) facts about the guns from the US (or not) in Mexico.
  15. Tricki.
  16. Li.
  17. GR video.

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