1. A book noted, and in turn the other book mentioned (The Pillar and Ground of the Truth: An Essay in Orthodox Theodicy in Twelve Letters) is available in English as well.
  2. Why the change? Why, with promises of the “most open administration ever” are we guessing?
  3. Becker/Posner on healthcare again, here and here.
  4. On the bio-geological.
  5. Asleep at the switch?
  6. On women and ministry.
  7. An interesting post on innovation.
  8. Misplaced assumptions. “Any reform is going to require lots of regulatory oversight …”, uhm, that would not be true if the reform is based on the removal of regulation. This is a reply as well to those assumptions.
  9. Healthcare and some back of the envelope cost estimates.
  10. Oops.
  11. Some thoughts on marriage.
  12. Pointing at an excellent essay on healthcare, which the Democratic rhetoric will ignore because they are not really engaging in debate here, because those who disagree with our benighted President are apparently “simply dishonest.”
  13. Thinking linking by Siris. My six word narrative. “Oops. My bad. Heroic rescue … thwarted.”
  14. A film.
  15. On the politics of climate change … and a problematic paper.
  16. Afghanistan and the helicopter.
  17. A pol with a backbone.

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