1. Church, State, Gender separation, and the Uzbek and … a story reported the same way in three languages (plus an the comment thread features an evangelical atheist troll).
  2. Life imitiates art, err, sluggy, inflatable rockets.
  3. More life/art a Flintstones car, i.e., rocks as transmission.
  4. Again life/art debt as the road to power … a strategy being tried by our administration.
  5. Budget excess, news to whom?
  6. Bank bailout aftermath examined.
  7. Teacher training or the lack thereof.
  8. Political links from the right.
  9. Whether or not saving is good, keep doing it … it’s good for you and your family.
  10. Some questions about a bike.
  11. Virtual and reality … and a new insurance market.
  12. I was wondering why the left was encouraging the birthers, after all I never ever have seen birther data/discussions or posts … just the left talking about them.
  13. Monogamy … the next waffle word?
  14. Visiting the holy lands (places) of the north central states (holy? you ask. Aha. Life. Art, i.e., American Gods: A Novel).
  15. Obamacare rhetoric satirized.
  16. Our excellent government healthcare and its expansion.

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