Good Morning.

  1. On the Constitutionality question and healthcare, not so cut and dried as the defenders do pretend. And a little help in for your research on the matter.
  2. Demographics and housing markets.
  3. Iran.
  4. On Pragmatism.
  5. BSG, btw I’m just about finished with season 2.
  6. A in race bike change done, well, just about perfectly.
  7. Burning Judas.
  8. Shifting standards, from a prior comment, “The threshold inquiry has to be the perspective of the women themselves, in their diverse circumstances, rather than imposing our perspective from up on high (and one size fits all).” So, the threshold inquiry about “maverick” status has to be from the perspective of Mr McCain himself, not imposing our perspective from on high (and one size fits all)?
  9. Apparently at home moms are jobless.
  10. Memory Eternal, one of best known Christian bloggers has passed. Noted, well everywhere.
  11. Ontology and popular culture … or just a joke.
  12. 40% of Tea Partiers are Democrats … oops.
  13. Riding to work.
  14. Drones.
  15. Is that why I’m conservative?
  16. And … for the Palin fans.

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